Easy way to Download Realtek High Definition Audio Driver in Windows 10

Posted By Marilynruth | 18 พ.ค. 63


When a Realtek HD Audio Driver is installed into the system, users can control the audio/sound and tweak many audio settings on their Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating systems. So, to install the Realtek HD audio driver one needs to visit the official Realtek support site or their PCs manufacturer.
But, especially in Windows 10, users reported that their Realtek HD Audio Manager goes missing from their Taskbar. This is because they automatically download the basic version of Realtek High Definition Audio Driver that comes without Realtek High Definition Audio Manager. So, to avoid this, users can also choose the easy way to manually download the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver in Windows 10. And, to do so follow these steps:

1. Go to the official site and download the new and updated version of Realtek HD driver
2. Then, on your system look for that downloaded Realtek HD audio driver setup file
3. After that, once you find it, click right on it, to select ‘Run as Administrator’ from the available options.
4. Then, simply follow the on-screen installation prompts and restart your PC to finally install the Realtek HD Audio Driver.

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