mpls vs sdwan

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MPLS is a technique, not a service. It was started at the turn of the century, and it works to address determine efficient routes for packets that enter a network. Using MPLS, a packet will go into the network and be assigned to a specific FEC. It's a layer 2.5 service, and it's not as modern as SD-WAN
MPLS offers your business advantage over SD-WAN networks. Let's take a look at some of those:
  • Reliable delivery of packets.
  • MPLS offers excellent quality of service when it comes to avoiding packet loss and keeping a business's most crucial traffic flowing.
  • Ability to maintain the quality of real-time protocols, such as Voice of IP (VoIP).
  • Traffic predictability within the network as network paths are predetermined, so packets travel only along the paths to which they're directed.

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