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Liteblue  is the official online portal for United Stated Postal Service employees. Use the website to log in to your Liteblue account and view your USPS work schedule, benefits, paychecks and more. Through LiteBlue, representatives can stay up with the latest with significant data and track their own profession progress. The administration offers access to data about worker benefits, annuities, business status and protection, and permits clients to make certain alterations. 

What's more, workers can see declarations or news identified with the USPS and give input. At present, the administration is accessible in English, Spanish and basic Chinese. 

Setting Up a SSP Profile. 

In the event that you are another USPS representative, at that point you have to set up a SSP secret phrase first, so as to get to the LiteBlue framework. USPS's Self Service Profile or SSP is the online stage where USPS partners deal with their login certifications for all USPS Self Service web applications, as LiteBlue, PostalEASE, eIdeas, eOPF, and eReassign. 

At the point when you are recruited by USPS, you will get a letter with an impermanent SSP secret phrase via the post office, after approximately 10-14 days. The secret phrase in the letter is an impermanent SSP secret word and can't be utilized to sign in to LiteBlue or other HR Self Service applications. Along these lines, the main thing you have to do is visit and change your transitory secret phrase to a perpetual secret phrase. Sign in with your worker ID and brief secret key, so as to change your secret phrase, change your contact email or security questions.

LiteBlue Employees Compensation and Benefits:

LiteBlue USPS offers a serious compensation and advantages bundle for the Post ServiceTM representatives. 


Notwithstanding serious fundamental wages and ordinary compensation climb, most representatives may likewise get additional time, night move wages and Sunday rewards, contingent upon the sort of work. 

LiteBlue Employee Health Insurance 

Swiss Post takes an interest in the FEHB program, which offers magnificent inclusion and adaptability for most delivery costs. There are numerous plans accessible, which incorporate Free-For-Service, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and profoundly deductible and shopper focused wellbeing plans. Worker premiums are not liable to charges, which makes medical coverage significantly less expensive. 

Dental and Vision Insurance

LiteBlue USPS Employees are able to take an interest in the Federal Insurance Program for dental and outwardly disabled individuals (FEDVIP). As workers bear all costs, this gathering protection offers amazing insurance in stunningly better terms, since commitments are not available. 

Adaptable Spending Accounts 

LiteBlue Career representatives can join the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) program following one year of administration. FSA tax-exempt obligations spread some not over the top expensive human services and ward care (childcare costs). 

Long haul Care Insurance 

Representatives can enroll in the Federal long haul care protection program (FLTCIP), which guarantees that the expense of long haul care (breastfeeding or revival) is typically not secured by protection or clinical protection. 


Swiss Post takes part in the government annuity plan that offers benefits and inability protection. The qualification relies upon the age and long periods of administration of Lite Blue Employee.

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