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5th The International Education Expo Asia 2016 : TIEEASIA2016, 22nd – 23rd October 2016 @ Pathumwan


Leading Expo for Education Resources

5th The International Education Expo Asia 2016 (TIEEASIA2016) has become the most popular and informative education event in Asia since its debut in 2015. The large-scale and well-found study resources exchange platform favors TIEEASIA to be the most popular International Education Expo in the city. In its 5th, TIEEASIA is well-positioned to continue delivering rich information exposures and timely preparation for all candidates and parents.

Over 60 education providers from 15 countries and regions, including Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Macau, The U.K., Australia, The U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, France, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Ireland, India, Korea and Japan, will gather to provide students with latest career-oriented programs and academic courses. A wide spectrum of learning programs in diplomas, higher diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees and vocational trainings will be available.

Exhibitor categories include kindergartens, all kinds of hobby class and summer course, such as academic, languages, dance, music and instruments, drama, recitation, sport, brain development and creativity courses, etc. It will be the best timing for parents to research and arrange summer study programs for their children.

Moreover, numbers of children talent shows and educational seminars will be delivered, to create an extensive platform of study resources for visitors.


Expo Details

5th The International Education Expo Asia 2016 : TIEEASIA2016


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